The Fancy Dress Party is back!

This year we celebrate twice! We will enjoy the Fancy Dress Party after the pandemic break and we will also celebrate the 25th anniversary of this autumn carnival. 

Silver Award

This year is the 25th anniversary of the Fancy Dress Party. The party began like many others, “by chance” and has become more popular over the years. People actually save the date on their calendars so they won’t miss the fabulous November party in Benidorm. The Fancy Dress Party is now one of the most important fancy dress parties in Europe

The Fancy Dress Party is always held the day after the Fiestas Patronales of Benidorm have finished. This way we manage to extend the festive atmosphere even further so that you can enjoy all the colour and joy of Benidorm. 

Levante Beach dresses up in colour

Save the date! This Thursday 17th November, the legendary Fancy Dress Party will take place. The route will be through the area of Playa Levante: the streets Gerona and Mallorca will preside over the great parade of costumes and will witness all the creations that the participants will wear. 

Don’t miss it and enjoy all the music and the good atmosphere of Benidorm

Benidorm English Fancy Dress Party


Benidorm English Fancy Dress Party


Benidorm Fancy Dress Party