Benidorm in Fiestas

Fiestas in Benidorm

After two years, Benidorm’s main fiestas are back!

At last! From this weekend until the 17th of November we have an appointment in Benidorm to celebrate and spend time together. Come and visit us in Benidorm to enjoy these days of music, light and the smell of fireworks smoke. 

Do you know exactly what the patron saint festivities consist of? In this article we’ll tell you about the most characteristic events so you can get an idea of what to expect. If you’ve never experienced a Benidorm Fiestas, this year is the time for you.

More than a tradition 

The Fiestas Patronales have their origins in the suffrage that took place on the beaches of Benidorm in the 18th century and from which homage is paid to the patron saint of Benidorm, the Virgen del Sufragio. Every year for the last 50 years, the moment when a sculpture of the Virgen del Sufragio was found is re-enacted.

This scene has been declared a “fiesta of tourist interest in the Valencian Community” and shows what happened in 1740: a drifting ship washed up on Benidorm’s Levante beach, with the image of the Virgin, intact. The locals had to burn the boat and among the ashes they “rescued” the surviving image of the Virgin and took it to their parish. 

Lights, music and Fireworks smoke

Another event that marks the beginning of the festivities is the unveiling of the artistic lighting. During these festive days, the streets of Benidorm are dressed in colour thanks to luminous structures with different compositions that provide a festive atmosphere. 

In the fairgrounds we will find the great fair that will last until the 17th of November.  

If we want is to taste typical products and crafts, such as churros and hot chocolate, we can take a stroll through the “Porrat“, the market of typical products and crafts, made up of more than 40 stalls, in the Via Emilio Ortuño.

Churros Benidorm

And music is always associated with fiestas. In Benidorm, this is also the case. We will have a concentration of bands, parades and despertà. 

Come and visit us and experience the Benidorm fiestas first hand. 

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